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   Recruitment Research, Inc.


        Research for Recruitment & Talent Acquisition Professionals





As global recruitment research professionals,

we have foreign language abilities provided by both in-house and external research personnel and are able to conduct research projects in:

Central & Eastern Europe
Central America
Middle East
North America
Northern Europe
South America




We understand what the pressure corporate HR and talent acquisition departments are under to fill executive positions. By outsourcing the recruitment research and passive candidate sourcing activities to our firm we can lower your cost per hire and increase the level of talent being hired.
We enable you to fill positions quickly. Our average recruitment research project is completed in 1/3 the time it normally takes to fill a senior level executive position. Typically this translates into receiving qualified, passive candidates for your open requisitions within 15 business days, rather than 15 weeks.
We save you money. As professionally trained recruitment researchers we know how to identify and source passive candidates to your organization at a fraction of the cost typically associated with filling an executive position. Additionally, because we charge on an hourly basis for our services, there are no commissions or placement fees due regardless of how many candidates are hired as a result of our recruitment research and passive candidate sourcing services.


Example: A search for an executive with estimated annual compensation totaling $300K would cost approximately $100,000 when conducted by a national retained search firm.  By utilizing the services of Recruitment Research, Inc., you would only be charged for the time it takes to actually complete a research project, which typically has run $20-$30,000 at this level.  

We enable you to gain access to exceptional executives that otherwise might not be accessible through online advertising, networking or through other contract recruitment personnel. As intelligent, experienced, tenacious, professionally trained executive recruitment researchers we have the ability to quickly identify and develop rapport with talented passive candidates.

Acting in lieu of or as an extension of your HR department we can perform the following research tasks in a comprehensive manner:

Position Development
Target List Development and Name Generation
Direct Sourcing and Candidate Profiling
Reference Reports


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